An alt-milk on a mission to reimagine dairy.

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Rainfed has created the first planet-positive, alternative milk beverage. It’s made from millet - a drought-resistant, climate-resilient crop that needs just a sprinkle of rain to grow. Millet’s water saving benefits make it great for farmers and the planet, while rewarding consumers with exceptional taste and a best in class nutritional profile.

In a crowded dairy and alt-milk space, we ensured Rainfed’s visual identity would evoke a familiar feel, but with a modern and upgraded twist. Rainfed’s logo was inspired by the curved, fluid movement of milk. Black feels strong, steadfast, and innovative in the dairy and alt-milk category. And the surrounding softer, muted tones bring us back to nature. Strong call-outs target the health-conscious, modern consumer looking for something better for themselves, their family, and their planet.

The custom illustration style focuses on atypical associations of weights and shapes and creates a unique world that is immediately identifiable in the market. The landscape is a nod to the millet fields, and the clouds are a gentle reminder that thanks to the resilient, mighty millet crop, now every cloud has a silver lining.

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