Wellness supplements formed by nature and crafted with care.

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Anyone who has shopped for supplements knows it can be a category filled with confusion, skepticism, and empty promises. Nourish Well was created to change that. With a commitment to help people optimize their wellness, Nourish Well removes all doubt through high-quality, lab-tested products and a brand platform that encourages nourishing one’s body from the inside-out.

Wanting to both excite people to live more holistically and build credibility for Nourish Well, we created a clean brand with attitude. A holographic foil signals innovation, potency, and a departure from traditional “natural” supplements. An overlay of simple, yet quirky linework illustrates each product’s unique benefit. Subtle cool tones paired with an airy layout speak to purity and efficacy, without going so far as to feel clinical or cold. The result is a brand that stands out among the competition and welcomes you in with a feel-good smile.

“Makes me so happy to look at and I feel it’s different than other designs I see, which I love.”

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