Simply made, unbelievably great alternative milks.


Seeking to maintain the essence of its core equities while addressing concerns that the current design felt too sterile and challenging to shop, MALK engaged us for a refresh.

Rounded lettering in both the logo and secondary fonts refresh the pack with a touch of inviting modernity. While the biggest change comes in the form of messaging hierarchy. Each varietal (e.g. “Oat” or “Almond”) is now paired with the namesake “MALK” – a simple shift that centralized, clarifies and makes a big impact on shopability.

Almond Malk sales increased 100% within one year of redesign!

To seal the deal, our team extended a strategy of “clean & simple” with a back of pack story that highlights the brand’s points of difference. This is complemented with the campaign, “#MALKmyday”, that calls to action all the ways MALK can make its way into one’s day.

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