More than a gift box.


Joyful Co. is a premium gifting service that levels up the gifting space, curating gift boxes that are more unique, more special, and truly bring joy to gift givers and receivers.

In a crowded gifting space, Joyful Co. offers truly meaningful gifts - 100% of which are sourced from underrepresented and/or women-owned businesses. Focused on quality, purpose, and evoking those warm and fuzzy feelings, Joyful Co. required a design language that would feel like positive and accessible luxury.

We developed a logo and color palette that is reminiscent of the sun - bright, welcoming, and vibrant. The bold orange background and gold accents balance cheerfulness with an elevated touch, making every gift recipient feel special. The custom logo with JOYFUL in all caps emphasizes the main intention of Joyful Co. - to share pure joy.

Our curated photography brings the branding together, evoking a luxurious and glowing feeling. Lifestyle imagery feels lively, approachable, and cheerful. Scenes are light-filled and sophisticated, capturing moments of real joy. The end result is an intentional brand that is here to brighten your day.

Working with Paul and Camila was the first time I’ve felt like a design partner truly captured the identity behind a brand I was creating. I started with just an idea for Joyful Co. and Riser was able to fully flesh out our brand identity, style guide, website, and packaging design. My previous business went through 4 brand redesigns because it was never quite right. Now with Riser, the design is so aligned that it’ll be the only brand design I’ll need. Camila went above and beyond in helping coordinate with my packaging supplier to make sure the gift boxes turned out just right. Just an all around stellar experience and the only brand design team I’ll work with from here on out. Jordan Buckner Founder, Joyful Co. & Foodbevy

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