The haircare system that’s a curl’s best friend.


After 8 years in the textured hair industry, the founder of Naturally Drenched wanted to launch a product line to promote texture inclusivity, in addition to being vegan and eco-conscious. Offering salon-quality treatments, tools, and hair care kits, Naturally Drenched makes loving your textured hair totally fun and easy.

Looking to turn up the volume and create an original stand-out look, we selected fresh color combinations coupled with striking graphics. A custom monogram with an integrated wave graphic reflects a love of curls as well as the product’s hydrating benefits, all while ensuring the Naturally Drenched brand looks bold on everything from stickers to social media, despite the challenges of a longer brand name. A mix of satin and metallic finishes bring just the right level of sophistication for a look that shines quality, while remaining fun and everyday.

Within days of launching, Naturally Drenched and its branding earned the praise of both the industry and influencers with features in Allure, Fashionista, Byrdie, Spa & Beauty Today, Sheen Magazine, and Good Morning America.

Riser has been instrumental in the branding and packaging for Naturally Drenched. Their creativity is unparalleled. They take their time to understand what you are looking for in order to capture and execute incredible designs. Their attention to detail is out of this world, and they make sure your goals are met from inception to completion. Being a startup can be time consuming and difficult, but Riser always came through before all deadlines, and consistently exceeded expectations. If you are looking to have an eye-catching brand that will attract buyers, look no further - Riser is the design team for you. Jamila Powell Founder, Naturally Drenched

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