An e-comm platform passionate about transforming communities.

Transforma business cards on craft paper with stripe

While working in law, the founder of Transforma witnessed rampant discrimination against trans-individuals, based on nothing more than their gender identity or expression. Seeking to bring equity to an underserved community, Transforma is an online e-commerce platform that connects trans-entrepreneurs with consumers interested in high-quality, handmade goods.

Business cards stacked on craft paper with angle
Transforma logo identity design

To reflect Transform’s mission and trans-entrepreneur talent pool, we created an upward facing brandmark inspired by the arrow used in transgender symbology. This same mark is then used to create a “pattern of change” that reinforces the brand identity when extending across both print and digital touchpoints. Eco-friendly inks and sustainable materials are used on all collateral to further emphasize the brand’s values. The result is a bold, progressive identity for a creative, purpose-driven brand.

Transforma logo icon
Logo icon pattern animation
Logo icon pattern on tissue paper in package
I was admittedly skeptical that my initial vision could be captured in an ultimate finished product - but not only did I feel as though the design team fully understood my hopes for a concept, they executed the end vision seamlessly. I'm thrilled by the process and the result. I would recommend Riser to anyone and plan to use them again for future projects. Shawn Kravich Founder & CEO, Transforma

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