Crave-worthy junk food, minus all the junk.


With a vision to create delicious plant-based foods that would have mass market appeal, the founders of Nowadays knew they needed to up the ante with a superior taste, texture, and nutritional profile. Their first flagship product, a 7-ingredient nugget that is low in sodium and high in protein, delivered a familiar, crave-worthy taste that overjoyed nugget lovers. So, the question became ‘how do we compete with actual meat products, rather than plant-based meats for the most significant impact?’

To set Nowadays up for launch success, we created a visual identity armed with disruptive details that break away from conventional meat and plant-based competitors. Vibrant colors cue joy and confidence. Immersive claims copy unfolds from front-to-back for a billboard effect that entices the reader to devour the entire message. And a unique, candid food capture reaches beyond the packaging walls to invite the shopper in for a bite.

Nowadays demanded a look that would establish the brand as a "clean indulgence" leader through prominent branding and bold equities. But nuggets just get the party started. We also needed to ensure the identity and design system left room to meet the ambition of expanding into new flavors, forms, and categories.

We also knew a brand like Nowadays deserved to stand out wherever it shows up, so we carried the upbeat energy and optimistic look through to social content, digital ads, collateral material, shipping boxes, and some hot n’ tasty swag. The result is a 360, dive-in and eat-it-up experience that since its debut in April 2021 has already gained praise from plant-based and meat eaters alike.

R/SER has been an invaluable creative asset to Nowadays from day one. Camila and Paul constantly find opportunities to go above and beyond. They listen to—and incorporate—feedback thoughtfully and intentionally. R/SER takes messy concepts from us and turns them into polished work. Their professionalism, flexibility, and (most importantly) kindness have impressed me and everyone on my team. Their high-quality creative work clearly stands out; I frequently get emails asking who is behind our packaging and branding design. We continue to deepen our relationship with R/SER every quarter. Hands down, Camila and Paul have been the best creative studio with whom I've ever worked. Max Elder Co-Founder & CEO, Nowadays

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