A non-profit empowering lives through theater.

Break A Leg Theater logo on t-shirt with yellow background

Founded by two lifelong friends who sought to share their love of theater with others, Break a Leg Theater Works is a non-profit organization connecting youth from diverse communities to Broadway and Hollywood talent where they gain access to masterclasses, coaching, and the tools needed to lead on and off the stage.

Theater t-shirt on group of kids

Tapping into the essence of theater and Break A Leg’s core mission, we handcrafted a brandmark that represents a curtain call - a moment where an audience recognizes the performers’ contributions. The illustration style is a take on theatrical posters, while bold, primary colors are a nod to childhood without acting too “kiddie”.

Break A Leg Theater logo on business card with stage background

In keeping the brand bold and playful, the organization’s business cards take inspiration from the iconic perforations found on theater tickets. The result is a look and feel that spotlights participants and demands accolades from the greater community and beyond.

Break A Leg Theater business cards as ticket stubs
Theater t-shirt on girl getting hair and makeup
From inception to implementation, our work with Riser was a top notch experience. Their ability to infuse our personal story into a logo while integrating a savvy business strategy was paramount. Our essence as a company was brilliantly captured and now our brand is recognizable in our greater community and beyond. We continue to grow and expand our reach and Riser's personal and professional touch through the design process was an integral part. Kyle Wrentz CoFounder, Break A Leg Theater Works

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